WOAHDANIEL Covers "SOHO" by Jaden Smith

I just teased new music on my YouTube channel, announcing my version of the original song by Jaden Smith "SOHO"

Instrumental Remake reproduced by Thelxrd.x Beats. it sounds so much like the original production. Click the name to visit his channel.

Release Date: January 26, 2022

Music Video: January 28, 2022

The original song by Jaden is so fire.

My homie Blu heard me playing it non-stop and said I should make my own version, and I thought that was a great idea.

Erik Evy even told me I sound just like the original which is pretty dope. I just had to make my own version of it. I love doing covers and remixes of other people's songs. It challenges my vocal range and also teaches me new vocal techniques.

Here you can view a YouTube Short teasing the new song along with a glimpse of the music video for "SOHO (WOAHDANIEL Cover)".

In case anyone's wondering, I used a Sterling ST159 Microphone hooked up to an Apollo Twin X Interface to record the vocals and mixed them in FL Studio. Autotune was a huge factor in the sound, I wanted to match Jaden's cadences as best as I could.

Please leave a comment on YouTube and let me know what you thought of the song! I hope you enjoyed it. Thanks for all the love Homiez! WOAHDANIEL on YouTube.


- Written by WOAHDANIEL

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