The Pros of Studio Headphones

As an Independent Artist. I'd like to personally give you my opinion after owning Studio Headphones for over 1 year.

My name is WOAHDANIEL. I'm an Independent Artist from West Texas. Residing in a rural area, there is almost no creative outlet here. So Creatives like me, YouTuber Izaiah Benoit, Musician/Producer Zak Benoit, Spanish Corrido Singer Mundo Trillo, and Rapper xAustin, find our musical home on the Internet.

Once I was finally presented with the opportunity to afford actual studio equipment. I jumped on it. I bought my entire studio in the same week. That includes a pair of AKG K240's, and a pair of Sennheiser HD280 Pros. They've been featured on many famous podcasts and all over the EYEZ OPEN AUDIO YouTube Channel. I truly do use Studio headphones on a daily basis, getting every dollar I invested out of them.

Here's 3 reasons why an Independent Artist should own a pair of studio-quality headphones.

3) You can achieve a true sense of "Being in a Recording Studio"

Studio Headphones really allow you to immerse yourself in the music on another level. There's almost no sound leaking out when they're properly on. Not to mention the sound quality being top tier. Think about it, there are Billboard charting, Grammy-winning Producers and Artists using the same model. Plus, over time your ears are being subconsciously trained to pick apart the sound, since it's being portrayed very clearly. The result of this can be an improved sound overall.

2) Having professional gear can help you take your craft more seriously

An Artist who just started out recording on their Apple Headphones, in some ways, can't operate on the same level as an Artist with professional gear. I'm not saying the former doesn't have enough talent or passion, I'm saying that studio gear can help bring the best out of you. The version of you that wants to give it your all. Especially since you look like a real pro.

1) You can appreciate other Artist's Music more

I spend a large amount of time listening to music from Artists I love like Dizzy Wright, Erik Evy, Ozuna, and others. With high-quality headphones, it's almost like getting a chance to feel the music in it's fullest form. While jamming out, your ears are picking up details that you didn't notice from of your car-speakers and phone speaker beforehand. You can digest new sounds and learn from it, while achieving a new appreciation for the work they put in. Also, isn't it funny how listening to another Artist is literally how every Artist becomes an Artist.

Don't worry, you don't need Studio Gear to succeed

Like I mentioned in my other blog post The Era of Independent Artists, if your music sounds good to you and your supporters, then you're good to go! I started out using my wired Apple Headphones to record and even to mix. It got me by and I had a lot of fun recording music while learning the ropes.

With all that being said, should you buy Studio Headphones as an Independent Artist? My answer is absolutely, it's a no-brainer. Whether you cop the same ones as me, studio-quality headphones can improve your performance and sound overall. If the Sennheiser HD280 Pro's just aren't in the budget. Cheaper options like the AKG K240's and Apple Wired Headphones are a viable option. But hey you can always do the "car test" if you don't have any gear at all. You will need a car for that though lol.

- Written by WOAHDANIEL


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