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Updated: Mar 17

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Video Creator Izaiah Benoit found a new home here at EYEZ OPEN AUDIO

I would like to personally say that it's an honor and a blessing to be hosting Izaiah here at EYEZ OPEN AUDIO. This guy has been with me since the start of everything, before EYEZOPENAUDIO.COM was even a thing. Welcome Homie!


Who is Izaiah Benoit?

Izaiah is a YouTuber, a Dancer, a Skateboarder, an Anime-loving rockstar & adventure-seeking explorer. You can find him at EYEZOPENAUDIO.COM/IzaiahBenoit along with his energetic, goofy, and uplifting content. Hit him up on Instagram too, he's always down to spark up a convo! @izaiahbenoit23

Yes, that is Izaiah Benoit shaking hands with THE Elton Castee

One of my personal favorite videos of his is the SPICIEST FOOD CHALLENGE (with the homies). You can see me crying literal tears and Izaiah almost passing out from eating a serrano pepper, haha!

Be sure to Subscribe to Izaiah's YouTube Channel and give him a follow on Instagram. The vibes he puts out are the type you don't want to miss!

-Written by WOAHDANIEL

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