Matrix ft. xAustin Official Lyrics

"Matrix" Official Lyrics


rapping to a brick wall

Woah bro

Comin at me with the low blow

Independent not solo

Mom blessed me with the rolos

Didn't come up with the dough tho

Gotta take heart through the woes

Might drop an album who knows

Depends when i finish my shows

And this flow's getting old

So i came with the whole dish

Still can't hang with the police

I ain't tryna show up on the news with bruises

So i gotta watch how i approach this

I don't gotta say i'm the coldest

I don't even care if you notice

But if you listening pay attention

You should know this

It ain't you versus the world

It's you versus the ones who running it

Some people want the whole piece

Some people are happy with none of it

The moment you start sounding different

The first thing they do is make fun of it

It's only cuz they scared of change

And staying the same

Don't bring you no pain

And if you do not go through pain

Then you'll never gain

You know what i'm saying

There's angles to this whole life thing

And everybody wanna fit the same frame

The very moment that you free your mind

You can start hacking the mainframe

Bust out the Matrix

But check this out

Now the men in black wanna take you out

Not Will Smith with the caviar

More like Fire Nation with the Avatar

Speaking of avatars

Zuckerberg wants a piece of ours

And James Cameron said that we could play the part

And now Elon tryna live in Mars

I don't even know if that makes sense

But i sure hope you can take hints

And i'll never ask you to fake it

If you're going through it

Let's face it


Ay man

I think i'm hearing what you tryna say man

Interstellar flow call it space jam

Hands go up yeah

All up in my face man

Ain't nothin to say fam

Ya'll lookin gassed up like a spray can

My boy through it up

So i had to make a play for him

Shot got cold so he sitting on the bench damn

He called out Elon


Pulled up Lebron with a smith and wesson

Giving out lessons so don't fall asleep

Brother pay attention

Making the whole crowd bounce

Smoke another ounce

Hope you got your eyez open

Cuz we boutta count all the

Blunts in the room going round in rotation

And if you got a lighter pass it left

Keep it blazin yeah

This for all the homies on probation

We make sure to keep the fire blazing

Just tryna make it out the Matrix

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