Cold Showers Can Improve Your Mentality

Updated: Mar 17

Let's talk about the benefits of Cold Showers and why it has anything to do with you being an Independent Artist.

My name is WOAHDANIEL and I'm an Independent Artist. I've been taking cold showers for the last year and I'd like to give you my thoughts and feedback after 12 months of plunging myself into ice cold water on a daily basis.

Why would anyone take a cold shower?

In western society, it's so easy to just adjust the temperature of the water as soon as it gets too uncomfortable for you, and that's the key word right there, comfort. Plunging yourself into ice cold water isn't comfortable, and not immediately gratifying. The whole point is to get yourself to break out of your comfort-zone, every single day, every time you step into the shower. It blows my mind how something so simple can be such a challenge, and also have such a huge impact. You battle fear every time you step into the cold running water. I want to get used to ignoring that voice in my head that says "don't get in" "just turn it to warm today this challenge is dumb" <---- that's the voice I don't wanna listen to anymore. That's fear, and God didn't give us a spirit of fear, but of power, love, and self-discipline.

The benefits of cold showers

Cold showers are good for you. Let's talk about these benefits from my experience. There have been multiple studies and researchers discovered that plunging yourself into cold water on a daily basis has both mental and physical benefits.

Here's an Excerpt I copied from a Healthline Blog Post.

Benefits of taking a cold shower include:

  • calming itchy skin

  • waking you up

  • increasing circulation

  • reducing muscle soreness post-workout

  • potentially boosting weight loss

  • glowing hair and skin

Read Healthline's blog post: Cold Shower vs. Hot Shower

Every day that I wake up, my morning shower is something that I anxiously but fearlessly look forward to. Even if I don't have a job and go nowhere all day, taking a cold shower feels like an accomplishment. It's not a fun or easy thing to do but I do it every day. I have huge goals like building this website, helping others take steps in their careers as an Independent Artist, dropping new music, and being a role model to my siblings and those around me. I can't accomplish that if I don't stay uncomfortable. I need to daily, constantly, put self-gratification to the side and take on the day with purpose.

Another thing cold showers helped me with is fighting porn addiction. Spending hours watching porn left me dried and empty like a used ketchup bottle. Forcing myself to step into the cold water helps me to put my desires to the side on a daily basis and that's a necessary skill to acquire if you're fighting an addiction to lustful content.

I feel more alive. I know that sounds dramatic but I feel like I'm living life again. I used to always feel so tired, unmotivated and uninspired. I had severe signs of depression and I used to always have a negative outlook on life. Taking cold showers is a habit that helped me take steps towards the life I want to live. It wasn't the solo answer, but it is another ingredient in the forumula that equals to my current success as an artist, as a brother and son, and as a friend to others.

It's amazing how letting go of your desires actually helps you fulfill them. To say the least, taking a cold shower every day can help you unlock that inner-beast that's inside of you. That version of you that just wants to own life.

-Written by WOAHDANIEL

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